The Universal Human Compulsion
To "Not Know"


FEELING THERAPY neutralises the knots inside of us with the way it brings information up into our conscious awareness, instead of passing over everything, by simply talking about it, meditating, or using the cognitive therapies, in a fruitless attempt to control and suppress our pain.

I have found that for those people who can accomplish this, lying our heads back in a comfortable chair or lying on a mat, and allowing feelings to guide us toward deep insights, using the skills outlined in my book below, brings a kind of mind body integration I have found nowhere else in the therapy world.

These skills have set me free from the ignorance of my earlier life, and set me free from a great deal of pain.

These skills balance and integrate my life, and keep me healthy every day.

To feel ourselves deeply in this kind of self study is to know ourselves underneath our rationalizations, and thus to know others underneath theirs.

This is the beginning of learning how to give ourselves a life time of self care, through experiencing deeper truths than we have ever known before

The material on this site contains everything to help you, if you wish counselling in the use of these techniques for inwardness. It will also open your eyes to many things about being human, even if you do not want to take this particular journey yourself.

  1. Read my free on line book here, while you work with me on Internet video.
  2. Watch the free online lecture here, or on You Tube.
  3. Contact me here, for once weekly individual counselling in these techniques.

Paul Vereshack, B.A., M.D., D.Psych (Licence retired)

(Forty eight years of looking after emotional health and teaching these methods at two Universities here in Toronto, as well as running work shops around the world, as listed below)

The Deepest and Simplest Possible Feeling Therapy Instructions Offering:

  • Emotional Help
  • Stress Management
  • Personal Growth
  • On line video counseling and teaching in the use of these feeling and body oriented techniques is available from me

Soft Primal
For a complete discussion of the processes that can be added to this therapy
for its less intensive use read my article.

Couples Help:

With partner centred, feeling oriented, clear listening, and consequently much deeper communication.
This facilitating can be given in person or online with a direct video link.

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Paul Vereshack photo - 2001

"Help Me - I'm Tired of Feeling Bad"©

"This book, by Dr. Vereshack, reveals more about the process of primal therapy [a deep feeling oriented psychotherapy]
than all previous books on this subject combined.
 History will show this work to be the single most important contribution 
of the century for the advancement of primal theory and practice."

Donald Allan 
Former board member of The International Primal Association

* Although I have been as careful and caring as possible, it is very important to observe the many warnings about being emotionally safe, that have
been placed inside this text. The responsibility for using this book must lie within the individuals, therapists and clients, who choose to work with it.


This book, "Help Me - I'm Tired of Feeling Bad", given freely here on my website, has been designed to save the life of those people who can use it.

It has been designed so that each chapter, each paragraph, and each sentence can be fruitfully returned to again and again across the years of your growth. As your awareness expands so also will your need to concentrate deeply upon the kind of real emotional food contained within these carefully written instructions.

The clarity and depth of this manual for your personal journey will not fail you.

"It should however be supplemented by reading the "Articles" here on my website, some of which contain ways of modifying Depth Therapy for those who need something less intense.

On the Internet As: Help Me - I'm Tired of Feeling Bad. Click here to read the complete FREE online book of instructions.


The soft cover original version of this book
is no longer available.

This free online book
is set up for comfortable reading directly from your computer screen and may be downloaded one chapter at a time. Click here or on the book above.


Digital 2012 Edition

This PDF version of the book is set up for total immediate downloading of the complete 140 page text.

This edition has been slightly reworded by me in 2012 to point to the fact that while this feeling and body oriented release therapy is the only and finest therapy in which I believe, it needs to be delivered carefully, with concern for the client's expectations, strengths and weaknesses.

"Print it and share if you wish, as long as it is not for the
purpose of making a profit."

"Although I am still available, neither I nor this book here on the website, with its simple complete set of instructions for deep personal inwardness will be here forever."

Paul Vereshack



Psychotherapy in Ontario is now under a new law.

Accordingly, to come into my practice, the following must be agreed to and signed:

This is to state that I am attending the professional counselling practice of Paul Vereshack M.D. whose licence I understand is retired, and who practices outside of the regulated mental health professions.

My purpose is to enhance my growth as a human being, by increasing my consciousness of myself, and of others, and by improving my ability to communicate.

If I have ever, or now, suffer from a mental illness, I will use a member of the medical profession to treat that illness, in addition to my work with you.


[ For those people who are browsing, the author suggests reading chapter three and four. ]



Psychotherapy of The Deepest Self

The simple processes of mind, body, and treatment, in "Deep Feeling Oriented Psychotherapy."

Paul Vereshack's complete one hour and forty five minute, 2008 Heidelberg, German American Institute Lecture

This free to download one hour and forty five minute lecture which adds to the book, can be paused at any time and or minimised for as long as you wish. Instead of going all the way through it from the start, it can be allowed to load in those two ways, over its full length, before viewing, for better control after it has loaded." Turning off your computer will erase the content, and begin it again at the beginning. The DVD may be ordered from me for $30.00 Canadian funds.

Order form for a copy of the actual DVD

This video may be viewed in ten manageable segments on You Tube.

Video courtesy of Reinhold W. Rausch

* It is impossible for me to guarantee that every sentence of this book has been correctly translated by those who have
been kind enough to donate their skills.The English work must be seen as most accurately representing my thoughts.

German Version

Deutsche Version

Reinhold W. Rausch, Alan Skotnicki, and Marcel Bamberg.

Now that you have all finished the work you have done, translating this book into German, please let me thank you (and my other translators as well), for having so freely given of your time and energy.

The resistance among western culture to this, one of the greatest advances in psychotherapy, has been huge. Not since the publication of, "The Interpretation of Dreams", by Freud in the 1890’s, which brought us out of the ignorance of our species regarding human mental function, and into the light of the unconscious, has so much rejection occurred in our field of emotional healing.

I have felt this rejection very deeply due to the writing of my book, “The Psychotherapy of the Deepest Self,” here on the Internet as, “Help Me- I’m Tired of Feeling Bad”, and also due to my experimenting in my practice. In my darkest times I have remembered the voluntary work that you have all done to translate this book. This has reassured me that no matter how severely the world rejects this message of a new consciousness, as is so often the case with serious innovations, a few people in widely scattered places can truly see the wonder of what is before them. They and they alone, (in this case all of you), and a handful of others, provide the earth and water which allows the new garden to grow.

Thank you again for all you have done.

Paul Vereshack, M.D.

Reinhold W. Rausch, Alan Skotnicki, and Marcel Bamberg,

jetzt, da ihr mit der Übersetzung dieses Buches fertig seid, möchte ich euch (wie auch den anderen Übersetzern) aus tiefstem Herzen für die Zeit und Mühe danken, die ihr so großzügig in diese Arbeit investiert habt.

Gegen diesen bedeutendsten Fortschritt in der Psychotherapie seit der Veröffentlichung von Freuds „Traumdeutung“ im Jahr 1900 gab und gibt es in der westlichen Kultur sehr heftigen Widerstand. Noch nie, seit Freud uns aus der Unwissenheit unserer Spezies befreit und uns in das Licht des Unbewussten geführt hat, hat es so viel Ablehnung in unserem Bereich des Heilens gegeben.

Aufgrund meines Buches “The Psychotherapy of the Deepest Self”, im Internet veröffentlicht als „Hilf mir -- ich bin’s leid, mich so schlecht zu fühlen“ und aufgrund meines Experimentierens in meiner Praxis habe ich diese Ablehnung sehr tief gespürt. In meinen dunkelsten Stunden habe ich mich an euer alle freiwillige Arbeit an der Übersetzung des Buches erinnert. Das hat mir gezeigt, dass unabhängig von der Zurückweisung, mit der die Welt auf diese Botschaft eines neuen Bewusstseins reagiert, wie dies ja so oft der Fall ist mit grundlegend Neuem, es weit verstreut einzelne Menschen gibt, die das Wunder vor ihren Augen sehen können. Diese und nur diese (in diesem Fall ihr und einige wenige Andere) stellen die Erde und das Wasser dar, aus dem ein neuer Garten entsteht.

Nochmals herzlichen Dank für eure Arbeit.

Dr. med. Paul Vereshack


Spanish Version
Many thanks to Emilio Otero, a Cuban translater who has kindly offered to translate the book at considerably below the usual fee.

Version al español
Muchas gracias al Lic. Emilio Otero, traductor cubano
quien se ha ofrecido amablemente a traducir este libro.


Indonesian Version
I would like to give my deepest thanks to Rustam Alamsyah, for his voluntary work in translating this book into the Indonesian language.

Indonesian Bahasa
Saya mengucapkan terima kasih sedalam-dalamnya kepada Rustam Alamsyah yang dengan sukarela menerjemahkan buku ini ke dalam bahasa Indonesia.


Russian Version
I would like to thank Ilia Frankstein very much for giving of his time to translate this highly condensed version of the book.
My thanks also to
Esta Powel for her time in the  proof reading, and editing of this work.

Русский Перевод
Я хочу поблагодарить Илью Франкштейна за перевод сжатой версии моей книги, а также Эсту Павелл за помошь в редактировании.


Portuguese Version
I was delighted this week to learn that Roberval Souza de Lima Junior of Brazil has given freely of his time to translate this book into Portuguese, making its emotionally healing information available in two more countries. Thank you so much Roberval on behalf of myself and all those who will be able to use it.

Versão em Português
Fiquei satisfeito esta semana ao saber que Roberval Souza de Lima Junior do Brasil deu livremente seu tempo para traduzir este livro em Português, tornando a sua informação de cura emocional disponível em mais dois países. Muito obrigado Roberval em nome de mim mesmo e de todos aqueles que serão capazes de usá-lo.


This book has an orientation that is sometimes known as "primal". However it does not aim the client toward any particular commonly held "primal" goals, that is to say, it is client centered.

"Help Me - I'm Tired of Feeling Bad," deals with feeling and body oriented release therapy, post traumatic stress, all types of emotional pain and addictions, the  enhancement of emotional intelligence (EQ), and the development of honesty between the unconscious, the surface self, and the external world.

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Special in depth interview with Paul, by an Irish growth oriented journal, about major therapist/client issues in Feeling Oriented Therapy


War and Other Mistakes in Evolution
A Medical Psychotherapist thinks about War and about Suicide

I own the copyright to this article on war. The article may be reproduced by anyone, as long as the wording (except for translations) is not changed
and it is not used for profit, and my copyright to this article about the causes of war may not be changed in anyway under any circumstances.
-Paul Vereshack


Deep Feeling and Body Oriented
Counselling Workshops
are available
in Canada and other countries

One Man's Journey Through a Seven Day Workshop

Past Lectures & Workshops

The Heidelberg Germany
Spring 2010 Lecture
And Intensive Feeling and Body Oriented
(Primal) Psychotherapy Training Group

The Heidelberg Germany
Spring 2009 Lecture
And Intensive Feeling and Body Oriented
(Primal) Psychotherapy Training Group
Includes comments from participants

The Two Heidelberg Germany
Spring 2008 Lectures
And Intensive Feeling and Body Oriented
(Primal) Psychotherapy Training Groups.
Includes comments from participants

The Heidelberg Germany
Spring 2007 Lecture
And Intensive Feeling and Body Oriented
(Primal) Psychotherapy Training Group
Includes comments from participants

The Irish Lecture and Intensive Training Group,
April 28th - May 6th 2006

Includes comments from participants

The Toronto October 2005 Depth Therapy Workshop
Includes comments from participants

  The Spring 2005 Cuban Lecture, to be given at the Alternative Health Symposium, on April 6 at 2:00 PM.

The Irish Intensive Depth Therapy Training Workshop, April 2005
Includes comments from participants .

  The Second Australian Intensive Workshop October/November 2004
Includes commentary by the facilitator and from participants

Australian Workshop October 2003
Includes comments from participants


Glencree Ireland
Photo Courtesy of Alan Skotnicki
Glencree, Ireland
The Workshop
Photo Courtesy of Alan Skotnicki
Heidelberg, Germany
Centuries old group room in Heidelberg, Germany.
Photo Courtesy of Volker Hartmann



"Those of us who use the internet become openly and immediately responsible to each other"



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