(Towards a new theory of deep listening........The Toronto October 2005 Depth Therapy Workshop)

This workshop has now been completed.
Please see below for comments by workshop participants

I will demonstrate experientially that simple Reflective Therapy can be modified to create an extremely deep personal exploration without intruding belief systems into the client's process.

Practicing like this, we create, "The Wide Open Field of Permission" that is the client's birthright,
and should form the basis of their self exploration.

Paul Vereshack, B.A., M.D., D.Psych., a Depth Therapy Practitioner with forty years of experience, will offer a lecture in Toronto Canada in October 2005, followed by a seven day "Intensive Feeling and Body Oriented Deep Psychotherapy Training Group."

We will all work with each other in front of the group to both receive and practice the skill of reflectively synchronizing, consciously and unconsciously with the client's deepest unfolding process. Thus we will be able to create therapeutic responses from within the flow. This type of "Resonant Response" in no way narrows the envelope within which the client lives. In fact when done well it opens the envelope of consciousness and allows expansion to the next CLIENT issue and NOT to the next THERAPIST THEORY issue.


The lecture will be given in Toronto, at 7:00 PM on Saturday October 22nd 2005, at a location to be announced. The talk will focus on the theory underlying deep therapy, and upon the actual methods used, to acquire the deepest possibly resonance with one's clients, as well as how to respond to the material that comes up in a way that produces non intrusive facilitation.

The Intensive will start the next morning, Sunday October 23rd, and run straight on through, ending Saturday afternoon, October 29th after which we will all go out to dinner together. Hours will be from 9:00 AM till Noon, and from 2:00 PM till 5:30 PM each day. Although everyone will be allowed ample time to feel any kind of feelings that come up, it should be remembered that this is primarily an experiential training workshop, and as such the teaching must in the end take priority.

Although this is a teaching program targeted to therapists, others are welcome to apply, especially those who buddy and sit for friends. The main prerequisite for this course is the careful reading of Paul's on line book
"Help Me - I'm Tired of Feeling Bad/ The Psychotherapy of The Deepest Self"
which is fully available here.
It is also important to read the "Training". A detailed outline of this course is given there

The cost is $900.00 Canadian funds per person. The group will be limited to 10 members. ( At the moment one dollar US buys $1.20 Canadian. Please check with your bank before sending.)
A non refundable deposit of one half the price is required on applying, and the rest is due by August 31st 2005. Personal checks are acceptable, made out to, and mailed to me as set out below. Please make sure that money orders are payable outside the country of origin.

Contact Persons:

Paul Vereshack,
2060 Queen Street East
PO Box 51556,
Toronto, Ontario
M4E1C0 Canada

Please be careful of the postal code. Mail often does not reach me on time or at all, because of errors in it.

Office/Mobile 416-606-3117

Esta Powell:
Phone 614-893-3527

Please feel free to contact either of us.

* * Comments from Participants * *

My experience of Paul's workshop has left a profound and positive effect on me. In an environment of trust, I was able to deepen my process and be supported by truly compassionate and insightful people. Paul's meticulous attention to the needs of the individual and the group as a whole, created a crucible for deep, clear, client focused work.

Thank you Paul, for all that you were and are, and all that you gave to me this week.

I feel blessed.

E. S. (Male)

Paul Vereshack's Toronto Oct. 2005 training week was a powerful week for me. I attended this workshop based on my previous experience with Paul.

I appreciated very much, his work during this week, and experiencing the depth of integrity which he brings to it.

This workshop is not for the faint of heart, but for those of us doing this work, and in dogged pursuit of our authentic selves, and willing to work with whatever and however issues present themselves, this workshop opens up avenues for new growth. This has been my experience.

B.C. (Female)

Intensive and rewarding! A great experience for me both personally and professionally. The workshop is an essential ingredient for anyone in therapy, for themselves and for their clients. It was a giant step forward for me.

Paul’s intuitiveness, genuineness, compassion and commitment to helping are most evident and refreshing. These are qualities that need to be experienced. As a clergyman it is not difficult to understand this approach within traditional Christian practice. I would like to have seen more work at the beginner's level, but I do feel encouraged to incorporate these techniques into my practice.

Art (Priest, therapist, male)

I will gladly comment! I am certainly filled with this training week, and have been thinking about what to do next.

I am much more open to feelings, and have been lying down with them, and even going to bed earlier and waking up early for me. 3:30 or 4:00AM and finding an inclination to primal. The training week has seemingly given me the ability to let myself feel much more spontaneously, and shown me how.

Thank you and blessings.

J.G. (male)

Paul’s Workshop/Intensive accelerated my personal growth. In particular, I made a significant break-through in expressing my feelings.

Since the group, I have been able to integrate this growth into my individual therapy sessions. Now, I am more readily able to explore and express difficult emotions, such as angry feelings.

Observing the experiences of others in the group also helped give me a broadened perspective as to where I am in my personal development and where I am in relation to my eventual goal of becoming a therapist.

I will never forget the intensity, closeness, and support I felt in the group as we went through this spontaneous and powerful experience together.

I recommend Paul’s workshop to anyone who feels ready to experience an in-depth growth spurt!

P. S. (male)

I found Paul's workshop to be a place where much learning occurred, in ways I had not for-seen. Paul clearly strives for honesty and integrity, and this reflects in the participant's willingness to take risks. This work is not for everyone, but those who decide to participate, have the possibility of experiencing this work with a caring and experienced practitioner. I was struck by the bravery and diversity of the group, and although there were times I felt intense feelings, the week ended in a way that, for me, provided much to continue processing and developing.

J.M. (Therapist, female)

  Paul’s October training was very intense and a good experience for me.

It was a place and time to search for the deepest truth within ourselves and for helping each other to find it. It was seven days to “soak” in a primal environment – to be, experience, observe, discuss, and learn.

I liked that the group was pretty attentive to the individual needs of the participants, for example if someone needed extra time to "come back" after a strong primal, or to be held after very deep experiences. I think, that safety is profoundly important in our primal process as well as in our learning.

I would recommend it for anyone who is interested in primal therapy as a professional or just for her or his own benefit."

E.P. (Therapist, female.)

he Toronto Workshop was my second experience in a group setting with Paul. I had previously attended his Irish Workshop as his coordinator, so, coming to Toronto, I was already aware of his expertise as a teacher, and group facilitator of this very fine deep feeling therapy.

Because of his website and online book Paul is so well known around the world, that he attracts quite an eclectic group of clients, and Toronto was no exception. Similar to the Irish workshop, the Toronto group of disparate members was no different in the diversity and uniqueness of each one, being at varying stages of their growth. All of this was a challenge to us, in accepting each other’s individuality.

As a group facilitator Paul can make mistakes. During the course of the week, on a couple of occasions, his humanity took precedence over, ‘the skilled facilitator’. However with it, his willingness to be in his own integrity, to the point at one stage, of defenceless self exposure, by being so open about himself, gave unspoken permission to each group member, to be fully in their own humanity no matter how vulnerable. This ‘good enough therapist’ created a sacred ground, in which ‘so called’ profanities became consecrated healing experiences, both for those who chose to work on the mat, and for those who were the privileged sitters and observers.

Each day Paul demonstrated to the group what he often refers to as the “skill of reflective synchronization with the client’s deepest unfolding process”. As I watched him I became aware of a character from the Star Trek, “Deep Space Nine” series, named Odo. Odo is a shape shifter! Paul too is a shape shifter in this work; often taking on the silhouette and nature of the client, without intrusion, but moving occasionally into what I perceived as a timeless zone, to the point that it reminded me of the famous Irish poet W.B.Yeats’ quote “How can you tell the dancer from the dance?"

For me, at the end of this workshop I felt very confirmed in my own ministry, as a spiritual director and ‘novice’ primal integration facilitator. When a client is deep in their own feelings, and when it comes to intervention, I saw the old adage applying, namely that ‘less is more’.

The bottom line for me is, asked if I would attend another (a third) of Paul’s workshops, the answer would be, “Yes”.

C.G. (Spiritual Director, female)

I believe the framework Paul sets is a framework of intent and principle rather than being a highly structured teaching method. This workshop is not the normal kind of teaching, and it can take some getting used to. This is no kindergarten, but the intentions and principles create freedom for personal growth, and self understanding. The workshop also demonstrates the varying therapeutic styles of different therapists.

I can honestly say I don’t think this road is fully right for me as of now, but because of this workshop I know myself much better, and will trade nothing, for that.”

I hope all is well with you Paul, I hold you in my deepest thoughts. You are one of the most courageous men I have ever known.

E.K. (Male, therapist)


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