In Deep Psychotherapy
(Towards a new theory of deep listening)
 This workshop has now been completed.
Please see below for comments by workshop participants
A lecture and work shop series that will explore the way
"Feeling and Body Oriented Deep Release Therapy"
avoids doing its true work, with an offering as to
how this can be corrected.
Paul Vereshack B.A., M.D., D.Psych. will offer training at the Jamillon Centre in Melbourne, Australia this October, based upon his online book, "Help Me - I'm Tired of Feeling Bad."
Paul will come from Canada and will give a public lecture at 8:00 PM on Friday October 17, 2003.
This will be followed by a "three-day" workshop at the Jamillon Centre of six hours per day on the following Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Oct.18,19 and 20. The hours will be 9:00 AM till noon and 2:30 PM until 5:30 PM. The cost will be $500.00. If registration warrants, this workshop will be repeated the following weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 24, 25 and 26. If repeated, a second and repeat lecture will be given on the Thursday evening before the second workshop. These lectures should be attended by participants.
All workshops will be limited to ten participants. We will use ourselves as subjects for teaching the positive and negative aspects of deep therapy.
These workshops are designed for those who are in training to be, or who are already, therapists. If there is interest in having a separate, "one, two or even three day workshop" for people in therapy, please contact Shaun (below). In addition, if there are students who absolutely cannot afford this fee, there is the option of having a "one day student workshop" at much less cost. Again, please contact Shaun.
Another prerequisite is that participants will have carefully read Paul's online book at www.paulvereshack.com  where the instructions for deep work are given, and where there is a workshop outline. This website also contains a personal and professional biography. Paul has taught psychotherapy at two of Canada's largest universities, and has been in the private practice of Depth Psychotherapy for thirty eight years.
Location of lecture: To be announced.
Since uncancellable airline tickets must be booked in advance, a non-refundable deposit of half the fee must reach Shaun Gabrielle, as soon as possible. The second half of the payment, making up the $500.00 Australian funds is due, by August 31st.
The Contact person is:
Shaun Gabrielle
1995 Highlands Rd.,
Highlands 3660

Phone Australia (61 3  5796 9290)
Email shaun.gabrielle@bigpond.com
If there is difficulty contacting Shaun, please contact Paul himself using the methods listed on his website at
* * Comments from Participants * *

I want to say how much I got from the lecture you gave, about how primal therapists constrict the consciouness of their clients, and how much I got from your intensive group, getting in touch with huge rage and pain I haven't really connected to before. I felt very safe. I feel very fortunate to have experienced good therapy from you. It has made a difference to how I am with clients in my own practice. I wish Canada wasn't so far away. The people there are lucky to have you 

A.P. (Female)
* * * *

Thank you Paul for a wonderful workshop. Words can only fail to do it justice. As a combination therapeutic and educational experience there was really no better way that the group could have been managed than to do deep process work with each of us in front of the others, and talk about what was happening, as well as sharing your own process when necessary. Almost everyone seemed to have made a breakthrough of some sort that they would not have otherwise have made. I myself had a dream after the workshop which when I finished processing it using your teaching left me both exhausted and looser than I have ever been in my life.
M.S. (Male)

* * * *

Thank you so much Paul for the fabulous gift of the depth therapy teaching group. My life is mine again.
The depth to which you allow yourself to be vulnerable shows great generosity of spirit, and the group experience taught me that under my deepest fears and needs are my deepest truths. For the first time in years I am excited about my life."
E.A. (M)

* * * *

Paul, your feeling oriented depth psychotherapy, three day intensive teaching group, exceeded my expectations by a very long way.
S.F. (M)

* * * * 

"I found Paul very skillful [in the practice of feeling oriented depth psychotherapy] and very very honest, which gave the group a real feeling of deep trust. From the feedback I have received people were deeply moved. If you ever have a chance to work with Paul.....go for it."
S.G. (M)

* * * *

Dear Paul, I very much enjoyed your workshop, and touched on some very deep trauma that I had never touched on before. I felt joy in your letting me transfer all that dark shadow part of me onto you, and in admitting the darkness in yourself. I would like to do an Intensive with you.
S.P (M)

* * * *

My recent participation in your intensive training workshop group for teaching Depth Therapy, was both affirming and rewarding. I appreciated your skills in working with us at a deep level, so that we could release long buried emotions. Your work showed clarity, honesty, respect and compassion.
I.L. (F)

* * * *

Paul I want to say both positive and negative things to you about your intensive workshop training course.

First I will say the negative. I believe that you leak some of your own early unworked through material into your over all group interactions. It is true that you then correct this with honesty but it happens more than I am comfortable with. I believe that you need to do more work on yourself.

On the positive side, it is amazing to me how you can accurately track and process the very heavy material that comes up in a depth therapy (primal) group, especially when it may be coming directly at you. Day after day, in the midst of all this, you never falter. Your ideas about how to do, and how not to do, this deep therapy, and the way you work, have impacted strongly upon me and changed the way I practice.
L.H. (F)

* * * *

Paul is insightful, humane, responsive to group
dynamics and open to new learning himself.

Paul was able to identify and point out patterns of
responses in workshop participants in an objective
non-threatening way. This allowed the participant to
notice things about themselves they had previously
been unaware of and connect to the underlying
emotions. Paul's way of communicating this sensitive
material provided participants observing him do this
with a model to emulate.

Paul drew the group's attention to developing
destructive patterns like outcasting, so that all
participants had an opportunity to discover their
place in these difficult dynamics. Again Paul's way of
bringing this to the group's attention and handling
these situations gave participants a model to take to
other groups.

Paul ensured that any person having difficulty
becoming part of the group was invited to be a group
member. Each participant had an opportunity to work
with the group as well as to work with their own
individual issues.

If a participant expressed anger toward Paul, he was
not only open to hearing it, he invited other
participants to speak their minds about it and was
prepared to change his mind and approach if he agreed.

Paul was at all times aware of what his purpose was in
leading the group: teaching. He never deviated from
that purpose. All material that came up was used for
that purpose. I always felt he was there to help me or
other participants, never himself.

In the days immediately following the workshop, I
noticed I was more open and assertive in my
communication with people than I had been prior to the
workshop.In the weeks that followed the workshop, I
noticed people more often approach me to engage in
conversation than previously. I am having less
difficulty starting my work projects and am able to
get through greater volumes of work.

Thank-you Paul. I look forward to you returning to

R.S. (F)

* * * *


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