I would be pleased to offer Depth Therapy experiences for individuals or groups either here in Canada or away.

In addition I am available by phone to help fine tune personal or professional skills. Clients, who wish this help, must have a support group and or a therapist of their own. (A speaker phone is necessary for this work.)

The emphasis will always be on teaching the processes outlined in this book.

* * * *

While it is not possible to predict the course of a Depth Therapy Intensive, contrary to popular opinion, the goal does not have to be, a defense shattering experience. Indeed it can and should be a time of learning the simple yet advanced skills, that are outlined in this book. It is a time to acquire a kind of knowledge that you will almost certainly turn to over and over again across your lifetime.

In the face of your pain, and your life stresses, those of you who can learn to use these skills, will be able to maintain and enhance your over all mental and physical health. What you experience is in your hands. Let us remember that after all is said and done, it is your Intensive.


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