Help Me--
I'm Tired Of Feeling Bad

Newer, Simpler and Much Deeper Instructions
to move out of Serious Emotional Pain and Stress

Paul Vereshack, M.D.

Dr. Vereshack has resigned his medical license.
He still counsels people in person or over the Internet in the
use of deep inner self study techniques."

Please see the Preface for details.

"This book, by Dr. Paul Vereshack, reveals more about the process of primal therapy
[a deep feeling oriented psychotherapy] than all previous books on this subject combined.

History will show this work to be the single most important contribution
of the century to the advancement of primal theory and practice."

Donald Allan
Former board member of The International Primal Association

[ For those people who are browsing, the author suggests reading chapter three and four. ]

Depth therapy, including the use of touch and holding

The feeling-oriented management of serious emotional pain and stress



All knowledge above the abyss
Is the knowledge of avoidance

 - First Law of Regressive Therapy

  • CHAPTER 1:   A Little Bit of Background
  • CHAPTER 2:   How the Central Nervous System Gets Damaged
  • CHAPTER 3:   Levels Of Therapeutic Intensity
  • CHAPTER 4:   How Do We Summon the Unconscious?
  • CHAPTER 5:   The Brain's Active Search To Complete What's Unfinished
  • CHAPTER 6:   Direct Therapeutic Nurture
  • CHAPTER 7:   The Problem of Therapist Pleasure in Regressive Therapy
  • CHAPTER 8:   Necessities in Level Four Regressive Therapy
  • CHAPTER 9:   Risks, Cautions, and Indications for Therapy


The more complicated the therapy
The more terrified the therapist

- consequence of the First Law of Regressive Therapy

  • CHAPTER 10:   The Basic Problem Of Stress Management and Human Growth
  • CHAPTER 11:   Major Precautions Which Under No Circumstances Should be Ignored
  • CHAPTER 12:   Who Should Take the Journey?
  • CHAPTER 13:   What the Brain Does When It Is In Pain
  • CHAPTER 14:   How the Brain Alerts Us To Its Distress
  • CHAPTER 15:   The Problem Of Experiential Intensity
  • CHAPTER 16:   Swimmers In the Sea Of Regressive Therapy
  • CHAPTER 17:   What We Are Trying to Do Within the Sea of the Deeper Self
  • CHAPTER 18:   Possible Results Of Merging
  • CHAPTER 19:   How the Brain Defends: Resistance
  • CHAPTER 20:   The Devices, Forces and Trickery Used By the Unconscious to Keep Us Out Of Our Own Brain
  • CHAPTER 21:   Counter-Devices to Dissolve the Brain's Defensive Trickery (Introduction)
  • CHAPTER 22:   Specific Counter-Devices to Dissolve the Brain's Defensive Trickery ( Activating the Immaculate Functions Of the Mind )
  • CHAPTER 23:   The Attitude Which Shapes the Therapy Key (The Barrier Paradox of Intent)
  • CHAPTER 24:   Purities Of Intent and Therapeutic Work (The Work That We Can Do To Ready Ourselves For the Gifts Of Insight)
  • CHAPTER 25:   Worldliness versus Inwardness
  • CHAPTER 26:   Therapy Without a Therapist
  • CHAPTER 27:   Summary Of Instructions
  • CHAPTER 28:   Experiencing versus Symbolizing
APPENDIX: Images, Image Sequences, and Dreams


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"The Journey"

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Paul Vereshack,
Beaches Postal Service,
2140 A Queen Street East,
PO Box 51556,
Toronto, Ontario, M4E3V7

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