"Help Me --- I'm Tired Of Feeling Bad"

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Experiencing versus Symbolizing

There is a saying in Zen which goes something like this:

One word,
And heaven and earth
Are split apart.

The saying is meant to teach us that experiencing is diluted by the symbolizing process of the brain. The word or symbol is not the thing being described.

The use of words removes us instantly from experiencing and sets us apart from our potential unity or oneness with the flow of the universe.

It is for this reason that feeling and sensing are so important. It is for this reason that the making of our congruences is so central. Our congruences set us within and make us one with our own small portion of the universal flow.

The doing of this work, therefore, readies us for the arrival of HOLISTIC INSIGHT. Holistic Insight is insight from within the flow.

Finally, we become ready for Satori itself, if and when we choose to leave the plane of psychobiological awareness and try for the ultimate experience of Sudden Illumination.

When you listen to anyone's advice, including therapists', perhaps especially therapists', ask if they are placing you within the experience of the self or whether they are removing you and cutting you off from it.

Oh yes, I forgot . . .

There is one more thing:

More than two-thirds of my patients have reported an enhanced sense of spirituality.

That surprised me, but it shouldn't have. I have felt it myself.

After all, long-term disciplined focus on anything, yields a deepening sense of wonder.

Wonder, lives next door to awe.

And awe surrounds the doorway to eternity.

- PV

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