Chapter Twenty-One - "Help Me --- I'm Tired Of Feeling Bad"

Chapter Twenty-One

Counter-Devices to Dissolve
the Brain's Defensive Trickery


Pain leaks. It broadcasts both its existence and its location. Pain is like a child hiding in a closet shouting, 'You can't find me.'

Pain broadcasts its existence and its locations by forming the symptoms which we have already looked at.


1- Specific Body Sensations

2- Diffuse Inner Body States

3- Actual Specific Feelings

4- Thoughts, Images, and Dream Sequences

5- Unusual Behaviour

6- Psychosomatic Illnesses

The six different pain broadcasts come to us from a brain in distress. They all either contain, or are closely associated with, painful physical and emotional sensations.

are important for us because they are:

  1. the field of energy which orients the compass of our awareness;

  2. the field of energy which possesses the power to fracture defences;

  3. the field of energy which contains the processes we must feel, in order to trigger the Immaculate Functions -- relating to, and including, Holistic Insight.

Pain, if followed in the ways that we are describing, will give us back our life. Its presence is absolutely necessary to our work. We must always locate it, especially when it is buried within the quieter symptoms, for the reasons that are listed above.

The human brain can be trained into greater and greater sensitivity as a compass which will operate within the magnetic field of our feelings. We can sense the presence of either physical discomfort or emotional discomfort even when these feelings are at an extremely low level of intensity, or when they are confused. We can begin to read their subtleties of texture. We can move down their roadways (track them) and we can merge with them.

In this way, we can drop through the veils of the mind into its deepest core, its long-ago past and its complex present. Here at our journey's end, we will emerge into new dimensions of comprehension regarding self and other.

All the defensive devices of the mind which we have looked at cannot turn us from our direction, any more than wind and rain will shift a compass needle.

The principle always holds: If we stay within the feeling and make our congruent repetitions of sound and word and body movement, we will find ourselves at the centre of the worst experiences which shaped us. Once in that centre, if we stay open and let the winds of painful experience blow through us, the painful early or present experiences will be disassembled and integrated into the mainstream of our mental life. And their capacity to harm us will recede.

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