"Help Me --- I'm Tired Of Feeling Bad"

Introduction to Part One


Depth therapy, including the use of touch and holding

All knowledge above the abyss
Is the knowledge of avoidance

                                                  - First Law of Regressive Therapy

This is a book about new techniques in depth psychotherapy. It is simple to read and will greatly deepen your understanding of the mind.

This book could be very, very dangerous if used as a self-help manual without continuous therapy supervision. Part Two will discuss this particular issue in considerable detail.

The psychotherapy which I have practiced, because of its unusual nature, has made it necessary for me to challenge commonly accepted methods. I have found that the needs of a very deep psychotherapy are often completely different from those used in a more general approach.

Just as divers, thousands of feet below the ocean's surface, must breathe exotic gasses such as helium to avoid death, so too must deep-working therapists and patients involve themselves in practices which on the surface of their lives would seem exotic, unnecessary, intrusive, and even unethical.

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