Chapter Eighteen - "Help Me --- I'm Tired Of Feeling Bad"

Chapter Eighteen

Possible Results Of Merging

If you have proceeded in a careful, focused and receptive way along the path we have outlined, and if you have completed a feeling sequence, you may achieve one or all of the following results:

The First Result of Merging

You will in almost every instance find that your symptoms and tensions greatly reduce. This is the most invariable result of completing any deep therapy sequence. If you are dealing with something extraordinarily large, it may take weeks or months for a final resolution. Be prepared to repeat a growth-sequence path any number of times until a given issue stops signalling for your attention.

The Second Result of Merging

Even if you do not receive an actual HOLISTIC INSIGHT, you will have greatly enhanced your sense of your own inner structures. This non-specific deepening of self-awareness I call TEXTURAL SELF-ENHANCEMENT. This increasing sense of the depth, complexity and texture of our deepest self is a crucial part of our growth. It enhances our sense of how profoundly complex, textured and precious we are. This bears directly in a positive way on our basic sense of self esteem. We come to recognize that we are separate from other people and that, in the end, no one can tell us what to do or what to feel. We are too deep and too complex for anyone else's opinion to be more significant to us than our own. This neutralizes lifelong fears about what other people may think and places our existence firmly back in our own hands. It becomes clear that no one else can ever know what we know about ourselves.

TEXTURAL SELF-ENHANCEMENT, while highly non-specific, is one of the crucial bases within which we will heal and develop new personality structures.

The Third Result of Merging

This last result is, of course, our much sought-after experience of HOLISTIC INSIGHT. Here is the flashbulb in the garden at midnight. Here is the sudden illumination of self and other. Here is the last psychobiological illumination before the actual Satori experiences of Zen. Here is our great human heritage, the insight which dissolves dilemma, on the psychobiological plane.

A further word about Intensification, Enrichment and Plateauing

Whenever we are in the undersea world of depth therapy, we let each thing come of its own accord. We become a receiver of inner gifts.

We experience a rising sense that something significant is happening. This is part of ENRICHMENT. For instance, when we move toward an inner process such as a specific body sensation, the experiencing of it intensifies and enriches. When we enter the feeling and let it enter us, again there is this rising sense that something is intensifying within the connection. This enrichment process reaches a peak where it can either ebb away, bringing physical relief, with or without insight, or be held on a plateau of intensity, where it may cause a shift of context and phrase.

It is very, very important not to move between processes before the enrichment plateau is achieved. Do not rush from feeling to feeling, from phrase to phrase or between any of the links in the chains of phenomena which you will be tracking.

We are too used to daytime conversation and its fluid, high-speed production. Step slowly in your growth work, as you move from rock to rock in the darkness. Occasionally the mind will move like lightning on your behalf but, on the whole, fast transitions mean no growth. Treat each new sensation or congruence as though it were a sip of extremely expensive wine. Hold it in your senses so that wave after wave of texture can come to you. The more unpleasant it is, the more likely it will be to produce relief, insight and growth.

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