"Help Me --- I'm Tired Of Feeling Bad"

Introduction to Part Two


The feeling-oriented management of serious emotional pain and stress

                           The more complicated the therapy

                           The more terrified the therapist

                      - consequence of the First Law of Regressive Therapy

By the time I was finishing high school, I was so separated from what was organic within me, I would be off course for most of the rest of my life.

Twelve years of post-secondary education in arts, medicine and psychiatry would do nothing to correct this damage.

This section of this book is dedicated to those who will use it to find that which underlies and carries forward all other functions : THE SELF.

There is a tiger
Who plays with me.

Its paws
Upon my chest.

Paw prints
Of Eternity.

Paw prints
Of every face
And every leaf
I have ever known.

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