Feeling and Body Oriented Depth Psychotherapy

Lecture and Intensive Training Group


Due Due to the success of the previous four
Heidelberg workshops
Dr. Vereshack has agreed to give another
workshop in the Spring of 2010. .

See comments from participants of past workshops:
Irish Intensive 2005 & 2006
Toronto October 2005

Australian Workshop 2003 & 2004
Heidelberg Germany Workshop 2007, ,2008 ,2009

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What exactly are the underpinnings of a Feeling and Body Oriented Depth Psychotherapy practice? How do we create "The Wide Open Field of Permission" that is so necessary for this work? What exactly do therapists do, why and how do they do it?

Dr. Paul Vereshack, B.A, M.D., D.Psych. is a Canadian Depth Therapy practitioner of forty years experience and the author of the book, "The Psychotherapy of The Deepest Self," which is fully available on his web site as, "Help Me - I'm Tired of Feeling Bad."

This kind of work, sometimes referred to as Primal Therapy, is often misunderstood. Paul suggests that before attending the free evening lecture it would be helpful to read his on line book at, www.paulvereshack.com and this is a prerequisite for attending the intensive teaching group mentioned below.

In the free evening lecture during the first hour he will describe his view of the mind/body processes which lie at the heart of this practice. In the second hour he will talk in detail about what exactly he does in helping clients to achieve very deep work on themselves. The third hour will be fully devoted to demonstrations, questions and discussions about what has been put forward.

Following the lecture there will be an Intensive training course. This will be done in a small group, limited to 12 participants. We will work for six hours a day, using each other as subjects to experience first hand the issues connected with this, or any other very deep psychotherapy.

Complete information about Dr. Vereshack and his teaching methods is available on his web site, mentioned above, as is an entire book of instructions, a brief biography of his life and very much more. Please read the Training section of the website for an understanding of how these workshops are conducted.

This course, because we will use ourselves as subjects for demonstrating depth therapy principles, requires that if necessary, each person be prepared to handle in themselves very high levels of psychological tension. Participants must be able to contain, and where they wish, to process powerful feelings. We make every effort to create a safe environment using modern group and depth therapy principles. No one is ever pressured to take part in processing feelings on the mat although it may be suggested. None the less these groups can cause powerful feelings to arise, and anyone attending is expected to understand that this is a teaching program and not a treatment facility. Previous therapy experience as a client is expected, as is an understanding of very deep therapy methods and procedures as set out in Dr. Vereshack's on line book mentioned above.

All lectures and Intensives will be given in English.

The Training Group: seven days. Open to anyone who has adequate therapy experience and understands and fits the above criteria.

Tuesday evening 8:00 PM March 30th, 2010

7 day group: Wednesday March 31st running up to and Including Tuesday April 6th 2010. There will be a goodbye dinner on the last evening. Maximum 12, minimum 10 participants.
Hours: 9:00 AM till Noon and 2:00 PM till 5:00 PM.

Heidelberg, Germany. Location to be announced.


750 Euros
700 Euros if full payment received before Dec. 1st, 2010

Accommodation and meals are not included in this fee.
Non refundable deposits of half the fee, €350 are due with the registration by Oct. 15th, 2010

Final payment is due by December 15th 2010. Payment should be made by bank transfer only to:

Contact Person, Administrator, and Co-therapist Carmen Reiss
Tele. +49 621 3361 870

Dr. Vereshack may be contacted if you need further help.
Email: emotionalsupport@paulvereshack.com
Phone: Canada 416-606-3117 (office/mobile)

Paul Vereshack M.D (Licence retired)




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