Feeling and Body Oriented Depth Psychotherapy

A lecture and Interactive Event.

What exactly are the underpinnings of a depth psychotherapy practice such as this?
What exactly does the therapist do and why and how does he do it?

Dr. Paul Vereshack, B.A.,M.D.,D.Psych, is a Canadian Depth Therapy practitioner of forty years experience and the author of the book, "The Psychotherapy of The Deepest Self," which is fully available on his web site as, "Help Me - I'm Tired of Feeling Bad."

Paul will give a talk and discussion devoted to answering these questions.

This kind of work, sometimes referred to as Primal Therapy, is often misunderstood. Paul suggests that it would be helpful to read at least the first part of his on line book which is available in its entirety here on this web site.

In the first hour he will describe his view of the mind/body processes which lie at the heart of this practice. In the second hour he will talk in detail about what exactly he does in helping clients to achieve very deep work on themselves. There will plenty of time for questions.

Complete information about Dr.Vereshack and his teaching methods is available on his web site, mentioned above, as is a biography. Dr. Vereshack will be happy to travel to other countries to give week long Intensive Depth Therapy training groups. He can be contacted through his web site, by email or phone.

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